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Nana’s Candied Pecans

February 25, 2021
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Nana’s Candied Pecans

Nana’s Candied Pecans is a perfected family treat. The recipe was perfected for over 40 years by my Great Grandmother, Betty Fraser, AKA “Nana”.

She was an amazing cook with 100’s of delicious recipes who loved bringing happiness to others through their taste buds. Unfortunately we lost Nana in 2013 but she was kind enough to leave her recipes with the family.

These Candied Pecans not only have a perfect balance of sweet and salty and are slow roasted to perfection but they have a nostalgic taste that brings me back to my childhood. Nana always had a mason jar full on her kitchen counter for everyone to enjoy!

In addition, we have created vegan and sugar free options to accommodate special dietary needs.


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