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Frogs Bakery

May 10, 2021
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Frogs Bakery

Frogs Bakery is a French Bakery based in southern California that takes pride in its tradition and passion for handcrafting the best breads and pastries. They are certified organic and do not use any preservatives or additives during their bread and pastry making process. Their breads use flour from California farms and their proprietary, certified organic sourdough starter from France.

When Marc Lory and Compagnon du Devoir chefs created Frogs Bakery, the sole objective of the newly created bakery was to respect the tradition and art of making bread by fulfilling this tradition. 10 years ago, the first Sourdough starter was produced to create the first loafs. Today, this same leaven is used daily to make every Frogs bread. Like all the best wines and champagnes in the world, greatness comes with time. The great taste of Frogs bakery breads comes from this unique proprietary starter, that makes all the difference between Frogs breads and the rest.


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