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Top 4 Reasons

To Shop Your Local Farmers Market


More Fresh & Nutritious Food

Produce from farmers markets are harvested at peak ripeness before being sold to consumers which locks in maximum nutrients and flavor


Support the Local Economy

Every dollar you spend at the farmers market goes directly to local businesses and is multiplied through job creation and a boost in local economic activity


Promote Sustainability

Farmers markets build a culture of growing sustainably produced food, which helps the environment, animal welfare and human communities


Save America’s Farmland

Farmers markets give small and mid-size farms a greater opportunity to stay in business

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no order minimum. No matter how small or big the order is, we charge the same flat $3 pickup fee or $7 delivery fee.

Your order will be available for pickup at the farmers market on the next available date that your local farmers market is open so check the farmers market page for the market hours. We will also send you a confirmation email to let you know that your order will be ready for pickup with a reminder of the market hours.

If you have opted for delivery, we will make the delivery on the next available date that the farmers market is open.

Ex: If your local farmers market is open on Thursday morning and you place an online order on Monday, we will have your order ready for pickup on Thursday morning during market hours. If you have scheduled a delivery, you can expect a delivery of your order on Thursday as well.

We will do our best to contact you through email, text or phone call to let you know and either find a substitute item or cancel it from your order.

We deliver to the surrounding areas of our partner farmers markets. The delivery option is only available to you if you fall within our delivery zone for the particular farmers market that you are ordering from.

Please let us know by emailing us at [email protected] with the relevant information and any helpful pictures or context. We will do our best to resolve the issue or refund you.

Yes. If you would like us to leave your order at your door without the need for you to come to your door or for you to be home, please let us know in the order notes.

If you have any other special delivery instructions, please let us know in the order notes.

Since every farmers market is set up a bit differently, this will vary from market to market. After your order is placed, we will send an email with instructions. In most cases, we will have a curbside pickup area and give you a phone number to call or text when you are ready to pick up your order.

If you receive any spoiled or damaged product, please take a picture and send to [email protected] so that we can refund you. We will always strive to give you the freshest products at the market.

If you are a market manager, vendor, or patron and want us to work with your market, let us know by filling out our form on our “Work With Us” page.

If you are ordering on behalf of a school, church, business, organization or restaurant and want to order online in bulk, let us know by requesting info on our “Wholesale” page.

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