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Benefits of a Farmers Market

Better Food

Fresh & In Season

Produce at farmers markets are harvested at peak ripeness just days before landing in your hands.

Get access to fresh, exotic fruits in season!

Tastier & More Nutritious

Produce harvested and consumed at peak ripeness has the most nutritional content and flavor since nutrients have less time to break down.

Less Expensive

On average, produce at farmers markets are cheaper than at supermarkets, especially when considering organic foods.

Organic Practices

Most farmers are following organic practices, using no pesticides or chemicals, and also utilizing environmentally friendly farming practices as well.

Did you know that the average supermarket apple is over a year old?

Supermarket produce travels an average distance of 1,200 miles and can be stored anywhere from weeks to over a year before consumers buy it. This means that most produce found at supermarkets are harvested early and also treated with chemicals so they can be stored longer or forced to ripen at specific times. All of this degrades the nutritional content and taste of produce found at supermarkets.

Help Preserve America’s Farmland

Small and mid-size farmers who sell at farmers markets have nearly a 10 percent greater chance of staying in business than those selling goods through traditional channels.

80% of farmers market vendors in Iowa, New York, and California said that farmers markets offer them a greater opportunity for business development than traditional food retail outlets.

Stimulate The Local Economy

Farmers markets and other locally owned retailers return more than three times as much of their revenue to the local economy than their chain competitors. This “economic multiplier effect” helps create jobs and boosts economic activity.

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