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South Pasadena Farmers Market – Place order by Thursday 8am, pickup & deliveries every Thursday 4pm – 8pm
(Delivering to zip codes: 91030, 91101, 91103, 91105, 91106, 91107, 91108, 91801, 90042)


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Ahi Tuna (Yellowfin) [Dry Dock Fish Co.]


Ahi Tuna Poke [Dry Dock Fish Co.]


Almond Croissant [Frogs Bakery]


Almonds (Raw) [Etheridge Farms]


Almonds [G Farms]


Apple (Arkansas Black) [C. McFarlin Family Farms]


Apple (Fuji) [Cuyama Orchards]


Apple (Fuji) C. Mcfarlin Family Farms)


Apple (Gala) [Cuyama Orchards]


Apple (Gala) [G Farms]


Apple (Granny Smith) [C. McFarlin Farms]


Apple (Honey Crisp) [Cuyama Orchards]


Apple (Jonagold) [G Farms]


Apple (Pink Lady) [Cuyama Orchards]


Apple (Sweeties) [Cuyama Orchards]


Aritchoke (Baby) [Suncoast Farms]


Artichoke (Grande) [Suncoast Farms]


Artichoke [Suncoast Farms]


Artichoke [Underwood Family Farms]


Artichoke Salad


Artichoke Salad (Mediterranean)


Arugula [Underwood Family Farms]


Assorted Berries (3 Pack) [Gutierrez Farm]


Avocado (Hass) [Ace Ranch]


Avocado (Hass) [Ace Ranch]


Avocado (Hass) [Bernard Ranches]


Avocados (Hass) [Bernard Ranches]


Baba Ganoush


Bacon [Harvest Gathering]


Baguette [Seed Bakery]


Baked Tofu Salad


Baklava [Mom’s Products]


Balsamic Vinegar [Nuvo Olive Oil]

Beans (Fresh Dried) [Suncoast Farms]


Beef Jerky [King Jerky]


Beet Noodles [Gourmet Specialties]


Beets (Candy Striped) [Underwood Family Farms]


Beets (Golden) [Underwood Family Farms]


Beets (Red) [Underwood Family Farms]


Beets Salad


Berries (Pick 3) [Chuy Berry Farms]


Black Mussels (Live) [Dry Dock Fish Co.]


Blackberries [Chuy Berry Farms]


Blackberry [Gutierrez Farm]


Blood Orange Juice [G Farms]


Blue Crab Meat (Claw Meat) [Dry Dock Fish Co.]


Blue Crab Mix [Dry Dock Fish Co.]


Blueberries [Chuy Berry Farms]

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