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Balsamic Vinegar & Olive Oil (Pick 3) [Branch & Vine]


From: Branch & Vine

Size: 375 ml (13.5 oz)

Pick any 3 of our extra virgin olive oils, dark balsamic vinegars or white balsamic vinegars.

All our extra virgin olive oils are first press and cold pressed.

Our balsamic vinegars are barrel aged and made in Modena, Italy.

Options: Arbequina Mix EVOO | Basil EVOO | Blood Orange EVOO | Garlic EVOO | Garlic Mushroom EVOO | Meyer Lemon EVOO | Persian Lime EVOO | Scallion EVOO| Jalapeno EVOO | Habanero EVOO | Rosemary EVOO | Rhubarb EVOO | (Dark BV) 25 Star | (Dark BV) Blackberry | (Dark BV) Cherry | (Dark BV) Chocolate | (Dark BV) Fig) | (Dark BV) Garlic Cilantro | (Dark BV) Hickory | (White BV) Coconut | (White BV) Garlic | (White BV) Green Apple | (White BV) Lavender | (White BV) Lemon | (White BV) Mandarin | (White BV) Mango | (White BV) Pineapple | (White BV) Pomegranate | (White BV) Pear | (White BV) Strawberry Peach

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