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Balsamic Vinegar (Dark, White, Infused) [Branch & Vine]


From: Branch & Vine

Size: 375 ml (13.5 oz)

Our gourmet infused balsamic vinegar is barrel aged in small batches and comes from Modena, Italy.

The 25 Star dark balsamic vinegar is true artisanal quality that comes from centuries old recipes. It is dark as night with a heavenly thick consistency and a sweet, pungent taste that delights all the senses. In addition, our infused dark balsamic vinegars blend wonderful notes of blackberry, cherry, chocolate, fig, garlic cilantro or hickory. You can drizzle on fruit, mix them with fruit, add to glazes, combine with olive oil and more.

Our delicious white balsamic vinegar is a treat that features a sweet, smooth taste, and a thicker consistency. Perfect for lighter-colored glazes and sauces or simply drizzled over fresh fruit in the spring and summer months. It is always a refreshing and delicious taste adventure!

Options: (Dark) 25 Star | (Dark) Blackberry | (Dark) Cherry | (Dark) Chocolate | (Dark) Fig) | (Dark) Garlic Cilantro | (Dark) Hickory | (White) Coconut | (White) Garlic | (White) Green Apple | (White) Lavender | (White) Lemon | (White) Mandarin | (White) Mango | (White) Pineapple | (White) Pomegranate | (White) Pear | (White) Strawberry Peach

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